Get To Know The Candidates Endorsed by OAPAC

Laura Ebke

Nebraska State Senator

Laura Ebke was elected to the Nebraska Legislature in 2014, after previously serving 12 years on the school board in her community. She was elected by her colleagues to serve as Chair of the Judiciary Committee in January of 2017, and will hold that position through the end of the 105th Legislature.

Senator Ebke has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Nebraska, and has taught political science and public policy courses as an adjunct college instructor for 25 years. An active political volunteer as a teenager, she re-entered the political arena in 2002 with her school board election, followed by managing a legislative campaign, and then leadership in the Nebraska effort of the Ron Paul campaigns in 2008 and 2012. In 2016, she was the Nebraska State Chair for the Johnson-Weld campaign, after switching her party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian in May of 2016.

Brandon Phinney

State Represtantative New Hampshire

Brandon Phinney represents Strafford 24 (Rochester Wards 4 and 5) in New Hampshire.

He was elected to his first term in office in 2016 as a Republican and later switched parties to the Libertarian Party in June 2017 after issues with Republican leadership and the state budget. Rep.

Phinney has since sponsored legislation to repeal regulations and address drug enforcement issues.

Caleb Dyer

State Represtantative New Hampshire

Caleb Dyer is a New Hampshire graphic designer and sales agent who after getting elected in 2016 as a Republican legislator to the District 37 seat for Hillsborough County, switched parties and will seek reelection in 2018 as a Libertarian. He serves in the legislature on the Libertarian Caucus and sits on the Committee on Environment and Agriculture – which governs regulation of farms, pollution other than air or water pollution, and waste management. As a principled libertarian he has introduced legislation to annul records of those convicted of victimless crimes, repeal marijuana prohibition, and require filming of police work and disclose budgets of public colleges. Along with other Libertarian politicians across the country, Rep. Dyer hopes to build the party to give voters a clearer promise how he and his colleagues will reduce government coercion and restore personal liberty.

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