Help Us Build the Liberty Movement

Our America PAC’s goal is not only to help elect Libertarian candidates, but to build membership in the Libertarian party at both the state and national levels

WINNING ELECTIONS begins with the success of the Libertarian party in each individual state. The members of those state parties select state and local candidates as well as the delegates who will decide which candidates will carry the Party’s banner at the national and presidential level.

There are many ways to promote a liberty agenda, but few are as direct and effective as joining and participating in your state’s Libertarian Party.

First if you haven’t, find your state Party, join — and PARTICIPATE. Make your voice heard, get a seat at the table, and help make Liberty a real factor at the ballot box and in the halls of government.

And Second, donate to Our America PAC, so that we can help advertise and market the expansion of membership in the Libertarian party through independent expenditure efforts.

Let’s build the Libertarian party and the Liberty movement together.

Paid for by Our America PAC not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.